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Competition Evaluation


Top 4 Competitors after a Google Search for “dental implants houston



    1. Strengths
      1. Advertisements Running for Dental Implants
      2. Rank Highly within Google Search Results
    2. Weaknesses
      1. Amateur Design (Color, Layout, Wording, Style)
      2. Poorly Throughout
    3. Conversion Tactics
      1. Schedule Consultation in Navigation & Home Page
      2. Prominent Phone Number



      1. Strengths
        1. Social Proof: Testimonial from Beauty Queen
        2. Good Website Template
        3. Office Tours & Video Testimonials
        4. Descriptions of Service & Organization of Services
      2. Weaknesses
        1. No Educational Content Specifically Attract New Patients
        2. No Online Conversion Funnel
        3. No Invitation to Join Email Newsletter
      3. Conversion Tactics
        1. Email Button
        2. Contact Information in Top Bar



    1. Strengths
      1. Great photography on home page
      2. Prominent call to action to request appointment
      3. Patient Resource Library
    2. Weaknesses
      1. Slideshow of images has visibility errors in it
      2. Poor organization by not including link for more info about “are dental implants right for me?”
      3. Bad formatting of text (spacing, crowded)
      4. Amateur design mistakes on lower portion of home page
        1. Gray Symbol
        2. Green Button
      5. Technical error in footer of page where map should be
      6. No updates in 2 years
    3. Conversion Tactics
      1. Form on the top of the home page



    1. Strengths
      1. A call to action to use dental insurance by a specific deadline
      2. Mention Award “Top Dentist in Houston”
      3. Specials
    2. Weaknesses
      1. Bad form design for new appointments
      2. No Lead Generation Content to Attract New Patients
    3. Conversion Tactics
      1. Appointments
      2. Specials