Yesteryear, I was on a conference call with a Chief Marketing Officer. As an immensely busy professional, his day-to-day activities connected him with major facets of the business including: management, operation, sales, offline marketing, and online marketing.

Every month, he felt the pressure to see sales increase, especially through online methods. Each month, he had to defend how the marketing budget was being utilized to reach business objectives. Each month, they were investing thousands of dollars in advertisements, media buys, printed collateral, online ads, and external marketing agencies to promote their business.

As the innovator within his company, he had introduced management to websites, traffic generation, and online sales systems. For 7+ years, he promoted the importance of website traffic to their website; he understood how important website traffic is for online sales success.

The problem was that despite his best efforts. Sales were unpredictable— some days they were just breaking even. He wasn’t really into statistics or analytics. Little did he know that all that hard work investing into traffic generation had paid off. Each month, the website had 80,000 website visitors; however, sales weren’t didn’t add up.

In looking through their Google Analytics account, I could see that they had a conversion problem– not a traffic problem. 80,000+ people came to their website on a monthly basis, yet less than 1% made a purchase through their website.

Website conversions and website testing were two totally foreign concepts to him. I explained that his website was converting at 1%. The quickest way to earn more sales from all their marketing assets was to embark on website testing to deliberately improve the efficiency of the website.

Habits–be it good or bad— are hard to break. In this case, he couldn’t grasp the concept of working smarter, rather than harder to increase online sales.

In viewing the revenue potential his company had, I realized right then and there that his story must be replaying across countless mid-size and corporate companies. There is a tremendous opportunity to help established companies increase their online sales by 4, 5, 6, 7, or even 8 figures through the methodical improvement of conversion rates.

Here at Brilliant Growth, we’re on a mission to help CMOs, marketing professionals, and C-level┬áleaders exponentially improve their online sales through conversion rate optimization, website testing, and UX/UI design.

Like Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” The team at Brilliant Growth helps companies tap into a fresh perspective, new ways of thinking, and superior solutions to reach marketing and sales goals.

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