What would it mean to your business to earn 4 figures… 5 figures… or 6 figures more per month?


As we look across the food and beverage industry, we see the challenges that are faced: rising food costs, human resource expenses, managing business, and meeting consumer expectations—- month after month. This industry is cruel at times. It’s a well-known fact that food and beverage establishments close all too quickly due to cash flow. It’s important every single day to be on the lookout on how to improve the business in a meaningful way.


By 2014, Domino’s Pizza was already earning 3 billion dollars in sales through online ordering and smartphone app.


With computers, smartphones, and the internet– seemingly omnipresent in modern life,– we’re more connected to the internet than ever before. Diners are using search engines and directories and websites to discover new dining locations, to preview dining destinations, to make dining choices.


As decision makers within the food and beverage industry, we have to decide whether or not to implement online ordering.


My goal today is to introduce to you 3 valuable reasons you need to know to launch your online ordering systems.


Once you fully comprehend the tremendously positive impact that online ordering can have within your food and beverage establishment, you will have clarity, certainty, and confidence to implement it within your company.


As you leave, I want you to remember that online ordering is proven within large multi-billion dollar companies. Those trailblazing innovators at larger restaurant chains show us that consumers can and will order food online massively and consistently if we provide the technology and marketing to support it.

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