Brilliant Growth helps restaurants increase online sales by 4 to 7 figures through improving visibility, loyalty, and streams of revenue.

Benchmarks & KPIs

Analytics & Research

Conversion Rate Optimization

A/B Testing

CRO Audits

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Our website design process is heavily influenced by real-world shoppers. We use their point of view to make their user experience (UX/UI) easier to find products and make a purchase decisions. With new technologies, it is easier than ever before to clearly see how website design impacts the online sales process.


Discovery: Defining Scope of Work

To truly assist you in achieving your business objectives, we need to understand both major and minor things that impact your restaurant website. Discovery is a series of scheduled meetings where we cover key topics to define scope of work.

Business Objectives and Project Needs

Ideal Client & Buyer Personas.

Marketing Strategies & Tactics

Scope of Work & Proposal

Industry, Market, & Competition

Research & Problem Solving

Insights to entice diners to order online and offline at the restaurant
are found through primary & secondary research.

Analytics & Data

With a fresh perspective, we will comb through your data to identify trends in site usage.

Conversion Rate

The qualitative and quantitative variables that influence your current conversion rate are scrutinized to be understood and improved upon

Growth Opportunities

By interacting with prospective and existing buyers, we will discover areas for improvement that impact online sales.

Ease of Use

We will see the time it tasks to complete tasks online. We will find solutions that make the site easier to use.

Outcome REAL RESULTS As we pursue higher achievement, our design decisions are driven by both creativity and objectivity. Wireframes WIREFRAMES To help bring our ideas to life, we will wave our magical design wands to produce wireframes to visualize UX/UI design ideas. Research RESEARCH We will scrutinize existing problems with a fresh perspective, taking into account important variables, and utilize our research findings to develop new design solutions.
100 Website Designs Questions to Plan Your Website Success

This no stone left unturned website design resource prepares you to think through many key aspects of your website. From hosting to security to legal to payment methods, this website quiz helps you pin point important areas that impact your website. Start planning the next level of your website success.

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